Thursday, March 8, 2012


~LIST of Books for LCU Guitar Class ~

  1) ChordSpeller PDF ~ This is my teaching program & the cost is $30,
 you can pay for it online at the PAYPAL Donate Button at this LINK  OR in person at our first
 guitar class. You do NOT have to have a PAYPAL account to pay with PayPal (use the 'Visitor' LINK on the PAYPAL page).

  2)  Gig Bag Book Of Scales (Blue Cover), (or Yellow Cover) available at the Music Store Discount LIST.

  3) Music Reading For Guitar
         The two books above are available at the music stores & here is a list of stores, be sure to ASK for my DISCOUNT &
 call first to be sure the books are in stock. If you are a more advanced player I may recommend a different book other than 'Music Reading For Guitar' & we will decide that in the first class.

   4) 'Capo' You can purchase a Capo at any of the music stores, the
 expensive or less expensive capos are fine.
 5) 'Footstool' Purchase of a footstool is optional, they run about $20.

 6) I may ask you to put new strings on your guitar. Strings can  be purchased at the music stores & I'll let you know that the first
 day of class.

 7) Your favorite music from CD or iPOD, bring those the first day
 of class & we will work on about 5 or more songs during the semester.

 8) Spiral notebook to write our songs in, any spiral will be OK.

Finally, if you purchased these materials already in previous semesters you do NOT have to purchase them again for this semester. I'm looking forward to a wonderful semester of guitar!  

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